Who We Are?

about african atlas

African Atlas Construction (PTY) LTD was founded in 2012, following a meeting of the members of the management. We are registered as a private company in terms of section 14 of the companies Act,2008.In accordance with the notice of incorporation, the registration of the company takes effects on 18/05/2012 under section 12(3).This company is under the Act of South Africa incorporated with the companies and intellectual property commission of South Africa. The  name of the close corporation is called African Atlas Construction (PTY) LTD.

The company consists of two directors of different departments and willing to explore their experiences and business interests to can compete with the best in business environment, to deliver and certify our clients to the best of our ability, we are committed to work together to drive this company and put it on top, obviously with the help of all other staff to be employed this will make us the best company in South Africa that delivers the best and quality services, our commitment will continue to strengthen the company to be the first choice in providing excellent services and superior workmanship to clients and employees always, we have chosen to come together to form a company that will be the vehicle for their own employment and empowering the others to reduce poverty and unemployment to historically disadvantageous individuals.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to provide services that will meet customer expectation, without any compromising effects to quality, safety and the environmental policies. We consider quality, Safety and environment to be the responsibility of the directors within the company and will actively commit all support to our personnel. African Atlas Construction (PTY) LTD will always aim to provide the Quality services possible.

African Atlas Construction (PTY) LTD is committed to incorporating our quality, safety and environmental policies into our total management system and support a consultative approach to quality, safety and environment where our management, staff and clients are encouraged to have input into the continual improvement of our system.

Work Ethics.

-Time is of great significance as it cannot be recovered 

-Integrity is one of our main anchors in ensuring a great     report with our customers.

 -High quality services for customer satisfaction 

-Reliability is a strength we use to easy any anxiety experience   by customer through constant communication while   awaiting  services delivery.


Our Core Values.

African Atlas is a effective and efficient solutions to client’s needs, as well as keeping abreast with growing civil and construction technology.

  • To meet the clients’ expectations and exceed them at fairly reasonable costs, using qualified and accredited personnel.
  • To continually learn, improve and innovate the best ways to render and deliver quality services.
  • To promote health and safety measures in delivering our services.